Continued Conversations

The following videos are brief conversations that are had after our monthly meetings by board member Matt Schwartz and offer a little more insight on the topic of the month. You can also look for more on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Matt Schwartz, Chair of the WWCL, catches up with Cynthia Williams of 502 Fit Pass. She shares why quantity is more important than quality in food choices and shares key steps employers can take to support their teams.
Matt Schwartz connects with Andrea Doughty, a Registered Dietitian and a licensed diabetes educator for Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness. She shares insights about the impact of diabetes and pre-diabetes and specific steps you can take with your workforce.
Dr. Brandy Kelly Pryor, Director if the Center for Health Equity in Louisville Metro's Department of Public Health and Wellness, shares Insights with Matt Schwartz, Founding Chair of the Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville. Learn how to use the latest report for improving your worksite program.
Matt Schwartz, Chair of WWCL, speaks with Allison Ledford of Norton Healthcare and Cara Gaines of Briotix about a more proactive approach to bringing employees back to work more quickly ... and strategies for helping avoid some disabilities altogether.