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This month's "CONVERSATION"

Each month we focus on a different topic at our meetings. Below is a summary of our most recent topic along with the Continued Conversation hosted by Matt Schwartz as he interviews our guest speakers.

Passion, Purpose and Power: Achieving the Life You Want

Professionals in the corporate world face unique issues in their personal and professional lives. Stacey regularly coaches men and women in leadership positions on how to infuse their personal and professional lives with passion and purpose. During our monthly Wellness Conversation on Thursday, October 19, 2017, Stacey energized and empowered attendees to take control of their career and personal lives. Her presentation offered an opportunity to pause and take inventory of the hectic lives we all lead. During the talk, she guided attendees through written exercises that helped put a focus on what is really most important in life, identify obstacles and evaluate overall life balance. Attendees left feeling motivated and inspired to make immediate, positive changes in their lives.

Stacey Vicari, Life Coach and owner of My Ideal Life, shared insights into taking Control of your own future, considering the possibilities and obstacles you must address in order to succeed. Wellness has evolved into well-being and creating a sense of purpose and meaning in your life is the key to making great choices.

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